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Hello! Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Giedre. A little bit about me. I fell in love with photography many years ago, however, started pressing the shutter button more often when I became a mother. Then I started getting requests to take pictures from friends and friends of the friends until it spread wider. At this point, I have started Bloom Cloud photography - the space for my works.

I have tried myself in different areas of photography, however, I feel most confident in family photography. Probably, that is because I am a mother myself. I know how to talk with children, how to ask for a natural smile, how to be a friend.

Documentary photography is something I feel passionate about. Natural people, true emotions, real stories - these memories are worth capturing and saving. In addition, I love putting myself in the unpredictable situation and thinking creatively in real time looking for those magical moments.

Feel free to contact me, even if you just would like to say hello.


Looking forward to hearing from you!